We are excited to showcase our OWL BACKPACKS and share our creations with the rest of the world!

Hmong Owl Backpack

Hill Tribe Bag - Owl Backpack

This is the tribal Hmong Owl backpack that has also seen great demand from kids all over Europe and the US. The backpacks family is rapidly growing and there are evermore new animals joining the Owl pack family. Go tribal with this fantastic hill tribe ownl backpack edition they are unique!

Only 25 $


Skip Hop Backpack

If you have not heard of this latest backpack craze you are only one of a few as this is the thing to show up with at school. Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack has made a huge impact with the new range of the Skip Hop Owl back pack and is one of the most sought after accessories.

Only 20 $


Owl Messenger Bag

Brown Leather Messenger Owl Bag

One of the groovy examples of the kind of owl messenger bag you can get nowadays. Made from genuine leather and available in several colors such as black, green and red. Long lasting and beautiful in design its a top choice for owl bags.

Only 76.99 $


Cross Body Bag

Cross Body Owl Bag

A georgeous canvas owl bag with a floral background that you can wear everyday to keep your feathery friend by your side. Being a lightweight design it is a bag that will not weigh you down and is at a size that is just right for the everyday essentials.

Only 29.99 $


Owl Go Go Purse

Stephen Joseph Owl Bag

One of the many different children friendly animal go go purses on offer from Stephen Joseph that is made from vinyl and can be hand washed quiet easily. Great bag and a great price it certainly is great to bring along on shopping trips with mummy.

Only 13.21 $


Owl Shoulder Bag

Owl Shoulderbag

Green Owl Shoudler Bag made out of genuine cowhide leather to make it a long lasting bag that will reach a wise old age just like a real owl. Give this owl a loving home and it will reward you for all of its life with style and a unique look.

Only 47.99 $


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We are a manufacturer of the Hmong Owl Backpack and sell these wonderful creations on retail and wholesale basis.

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Hill Bag - Owl Backpack